Many business publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times and Business Week publish different rankings from year to year, though all data in a ranking may not be accurate it is still useful and it must be looked over with a critical eye because of different reasons:

  • Data published by ranking publications deals with "how good the program is", remember that the best data comes directly from the school or online mba degree program because it deals with "how well the program fits you".

  • Most rankings do not examine all MBA programs available and sometimes leave some schools out of the ranking because they are new, small or because they donīt have much alumni.

  • Sometimes methodologies used are flawed and statistics may be misinterpreted because of the context, so always read info on how data was gathered.
  • Some schools give only limited information since they believe school rankings are not properly used.

  • Take into account that school rankings do not change as quickly and dramatically as some publications may want them to look like.

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  • There are many variations from one school ranking publication to another, what is number one in a publication may be number 10 in another!

  • Sometimes rankings focus on the school attributes rather than the MBA program attributes.

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