Spain visa information
Spain Visa Information
Step-by-step guides to procedures and paperwork.

Learning Spanish
Learning Spanish
How and where to learn Spanish in Spain.

Spanish Companies
Spanish Companies
A useful list of spanish Companies.

International calls from Spain
International Calls
Internet and Intenational call from Spain.

Spanish media
Spanish Media
Most important media in Spain.

Transport and relocation
Transport & Relocation
Transport options and getting around Spain.

MBA Schools in Spain
MBA Schools in Spain
Best business schools offering mba programs in Spain.

Spanish Economy
Spanish Economy
Facts and figures on Spain Economy.

Jobs in Spain
Jobs in Spain
Job search in Spain, salaries and holidays.

Accommodation in Spain
Accommodation in Spain
Useful addresses for your housing search.

Health and insurance in Spain
Health & Insurance
Health insurance, doctors, hospitals & emergencies.

Money and finance
Money & Finance
Money and Finance in Spain.

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Why choose Spain?

Spain is a diverse country with a fantastic culture and exciting history, there is something for everyone and for every moment. You can visit the beach, mountains, sleepy rural villages, museums, art galleries, castles and some of Europe’s most modern cities.

The Spanish Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe. The climate in coastal provinces is warm all year around and you can still buy beachside properties for a reasonable price.

In Spain, you can experience days and nights of fun outdoors. Many Spaniards tend to live outside much more than in most other European countries. Spanish people know how to enjoy live and they are loyal friends.

The standard of living in Spain is very high and the cost of living is cheaper. For all these reasons, Spain is one of the most popular countries to live or visit.

¡Bienvenido a España!