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RENFE RENFE (Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles; Spanish National Railway Network) is Spain's national railway operator.
RENFE operates Spain's 15,000 km (or 9,500 mile) system of railways. RENFE operates commuter train systems, known as Cercanías or Rodalies, in a number of major cities, including Madrid and Barcelona.

Website: RENFE


FEVE FEVE (Ferrocarriles Españoles de Vía Estrecha, meaning "Narrow-Gauge Spanish Railways") is a state-owned Spanish railway company, which operates most of Spain's 1,250 km (775 miles) of metre-gauge railways.
FEVE's rails transport approximately 460 million tonnes of goods each year, accounting for a large part of the company's business.

Website: FEVE


Euskotren EuskoTren (Eusko Trenbideak / Ferrocarriles Vascos – Basque Railways) is a railway company which operates trains on part of the narrow-gauge rail network in the Basque Country, Spain. EuskoTran (a name derived from EuskoTren and tranbia / tranvía, the Basque and Spanish words for tram), with a similar but green logo, runs tram services – currently only in Bilbao, where the system has recently been restored.

Website: FEVE

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