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People of EU countries can get free medical treatment in Spain, although for tourists, private insurance is highly recommended. Spain has an excellent national health service and also a wonderful private sector. Hospitals and clinics in Spain are of a very high standard.

To receive medical attention, they will require your European Health Card (EHC) which entitles you to the same medical care received by Spanish citizens.

Public Health Care and Hospitals
The public health system in Spain is provided by INSALUD. Spain public system only covers medical care; Dental and eye care are covered privately...

Private Health Care, Insurance Companies and Hospitals
In latest years, the private health care sector has become more important. Private Health Insurance is dominated by a handful of companies. Sanitas and Asisa being two of the largest...

Emergency Numbers

If you require urgent police attention, ambulance, fire brigade or have another emergency, the main emergency numbers are:

European Emergency number
Ambulance service
National Police
Local Police
Civil Guard
Fire Service
080 or 085

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