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In the last years, the private health care sector has become more important. In some cases INSALUD only pays for up to 75% of treatment, this can make it difficult for some people to afford the treatment they really require. It is possible to purchase private health insurance in Spain and it may well cover all additional expenses and even help you get to the front of the queue for essential medical treatment.

An estimated 15% of the population holds private health insurance. This insurance is used either as a supplement or an alternative to public care. The advantage of private insurance is that the companies have their own group of hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Private doctors and private hospitals in Spain do not accept the European Health Card.

Private health insurance policies generally offer one or two major levels of coverage: a comprehensive coverage, including in-hospital care and services as well as the services of doctors, lab tests, x-rays and other scans, etc. in a non-hospital setting; and a basic coverage which is limited to all care and services relating to an in-patient hospital stay only.

In Spain, Private Health Insurance is dominated by a handful of companies. Sanitas and Asisa being two of the largest.

Companies of Private Health Insurance


Sanitas Sanitas is part of BUPA International. Sanitas offers a Health Plan Complete will help you take advantage of the highest quality health care options. This health insurance covers both in Spain and one other European country of your choice (including the UK).

Website: Sanitas


ASISA Asisa is part of Lavinia, Cooperative Society, formed for more than 20000 Spanish doctors. Asisa has a wide National Net of attendance. It has 100 Offices of Attention to Insured distributed by the whole national territory, 16 Own Clinics; it has agreement with more than 600 Private Clinics and Medical Centers.

Website: ASISA

Private Hospitals and Clinics

  • Clinica La Milagrosa - Modesto Lafuente 14, Madrid - Telf: 91 447 2100
  • Clinica Moncloa - Av. Valladolid 83, Madrid - Telf: 91 595 7000
  • Corporación Parc Tauli - Parc Taulí s/n, Sabadell - Telf: 93 723 1010

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