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El Pais

El Pais El Pais is the most important and widely-circulated newspaper in Spain. In the General Media Study of 2005, it has about 2.1 million readers. El País is often referred to as the newspaper of record from Spain.

Website: El Pais

El Mundo

El Mundo El Mundo is the second major newspaper in Spain. It has its headquarters in Madrid, and different editions are printed in other national territories such as Andalucia, Valencia, Castile and Leon, Balearic Islands, Bilbao among others.

Website: El Mundo

20 Minutos

20 Minutos 20 minutos is a free Spanish newspaper, with local editions in different Spanish cities. The name "20 minutos" refers to the average time that European commuters spend in public transport every working day. It is published under an Attribution Creative Commons licence. Also, the newspaper can be downloaded from their site.

Website: 20 Minutos


ABC ABC is a Spanish newspaper that started as a weekly newspaper until it turned daily in June 1905, it is considered a conservative newspaper. Today, ABC is the third largest newspaper in Spain, and the oldest living newspaper in Madrid.

Website: ABC

La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia La Vanguardia is a newspaper based in Barcelona, its circulation (2005) is around 200 000, the second largest in Catalonia. Its articles are only in Spanish; although the paper is catalanist.

Website: La Vanguardia

Newspapers in Spain

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