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Television Española

Television Española Televisión Española (TVE) is the national state-owned public-service television broadcaster in Spain. Its activities are financed by a combination of advertising revenue and subsidies from the national government. TVE is part of the RTVE Group.

Website: Television Española

Antena 3

Antena 3 Antena 3 de Television, S.A., was the first private station in Spain. Antena 3 TV revived the local series with the launch of Farmacia de la Guardia. Also it had tremendous success in the field of reality TV.

Website: Antena 3


Cuatro Cuatro TV is a new Spanish private television channel broadcasting. Cuatro is a chain of television of national environment, gratuitous that November 7 began to emit in open during the 24 hours through the frequency that Canal+ used.

Website: Cuatro


Telecinco Telecinco is a Spanish TV station, the leading Spanish private TV companies It started diffusion on March 3, 1990. It was the second private TV company, after Antena 3. Telecinco has lately digitalized their production facilities. This will allow broadcasting of up to 16 different languages, 5.1 surround sound, interactive services, widescreen programming.

Website: Telecinco

La Sexta

La Sexta La Sexta began broadcasting in November 25, 2005 but only for Madrid and Barcelona. Until June 1, 2006 85% of the Spanish population can receive it. It is owned by Televisa and other spanish telecommunications groups as Globomedia among others.

Website: La Sexta

Televisions in Spain

Televisions in Spain Directory of Televisions in Spain. Listing Televisions in Spain. MediaOnline is a directory of newspapers, radios, televisions and blogs from all over the world.

Website: Spain Televisions

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