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One of the cheapest solutions for saving money is to use an International Prepaid Calling Card. Besides extremely low rates, these cards offer you the following advantages:
    You can use them from any phone, such as a fixed line at home, a public payphone or a mobile (cell phone).
    You don’t need a contract; just to pay for the card.
    Calling cards can be bought in small denominations (€5 and up) so you can control your spending.
You can buy prepaid phone cards at locutorios (calling centers), newsagents and other stores that deal with foreigners.

How do prepaid cards work?

With some differences, generally all prepaid phone cards work the same way:
    You buy a prepaid phone card. This card gives you a credit which you use for calls as you make them.
    You dial an access number provided with the card. This can either be a local access number or a toll-free number.
    You enter the PIN number provided with your card.
    After entering your PIN number, dial your destination number like you normally would.

Once connected to your destination number, the fees for your call are subtracted from the credit on your card. You only pay for the local connection! While the card provider pays for the international connection. This connection fees, compared to a local international calling rate, saves you between 70 and 90%.

Which card should I choose?

The main thing to remember is that the card with the lowest per-minute rate might not be the most efficient card for you.
Figuring out which Prepaid Calling Card to buy can be confusing. There are over 70 different cards on the market in Spain, and the tariffs and conditions are complicated.
It’s important when you choose a card, to take into account:
    The tariffs for the country(ies) you call.
    The length of your calls - Some cards have a connection charge which is a disadvantage if you make lots of short calls, but no problem if you talk for an hour at a time to family and friends.
            • How often you call – All cards expire (usually 30-90 days from the first time you use it to call). Some cards also have cards have a daily maintenance charge, which obviously matters less if you use the card quickly.


Supercall Supercall is the number one selling card in Spain, offering high minutes to all destinations.
Supercall prices are:


Unity Unity is a great card for calling Europe, Africa and he Middle East from most European countries.
Unity prices are:


Eurocity Eurocity is one of the top phone cards for calling Western Europe, USA/Canada and Australia.
Eurocity prices are:


Dragon Dragon is one of the best cards to call Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Dragon prices are:
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