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The Open University Business School

The Open University Business School The OU Business School is a faculty of one of the world’s largest universities - the UK-based Open University. The Open University has pioneered and popularised supported distance learning throughout the world. For the international management executive, the flexibility and quality of our courses and our support systems are crucial to personal success. The OU Business School enables you to combine your studies with your professional and private lives. You can study without taking time out from the workplace – a benefit that is of value both to you and your employer. Your studies need not be disrupted by travel, by relocation or by changing personal circumstances and you can continue earning whilst you are learning. Our courses blend academic rigour with management practice and are relevant to the everyday roles of managers. Newly acquired skills are immediately transferable. Our course materials incorporate the latest management thinking, derived from ongoing research with business and academic partners worldwide. The School has a significant and wide ranging research capability that places it in the major league of European business schools. In Madrid and Barcelona, we have a team of advisors available to discuss your study plans with you either at an information event or on a one-to-one basis, by email or face-to-face. Our open events are held on a regular basis in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities around Spain (see www for details of our next events). We can also organise for you to speak with one of our current students so they can tell you what it is really like to study with the OU Business School.

Website: The Open University Business School

EADA- Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración

EADA- Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to offer executive training programmes to the professional community. Close to 100,000 students from over 30 countries have entrusted their training to the institution. It is one of the most innovative and prestigious business schools in Spain. EADA has two campuses: one in the centre of Barcelona and a residential training centre situated in the beautiful surroundings of Collbató, just outside Barcelona. EADA is the only business school in Spain with its own residential training centre. The objective of the International MBA at EADA is to give participants a professional competitive advantage by focusing on three fundamental areas: the mastery of specific business tools and techniques; development of leadership skills that are essential to international managers, and acquiring a global vision of the company and its strategic position in the business environment. It has a practical, active and participative approach with emphasis on learning by doing. The methodology reflects companies' demands for professionals with skills, such as showing ability to act in the face of change, versatility to work in multifunctional teams and adaptability to the challenges of a global environment.

Website: EADA

EAE Business School

EAE Business School EAE Business School was founded on 21 May, 1958, it is an associated centre of UPC (Technical University of Catalonia) and it offers traditional and online business education. For more than 48 years it has been training more than 52000 executives and managers. The International Master of Business Administration-IMBA is recognised worldwide as an advanced course of study that prepares people for business management and leadership responsibilities. We are especially interested in achieving one primary objective: transferring the most adequate methods and systems to our participants. EAE is therefore focused on making them highly effective and competitive managers.

Website: EAE Business School

Universitat Pompeu Fabra MBA Program

Universitat Pompeu Fabra MBA Program The Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) was founded in 1990 and located in the heart of Barcelona. From its founding it has been characterised by its commitment to excellence and innovation. In less than ten years the University gained prestige for the academic performance of its students, the successful professional placement of its graduates, its position in the field of research and its service to national and international institutions.
In 2004, the Department of Economics and Business has been ranked by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) as one of the top European centres in economics and business.
The MBA full time is a 1 year program entirely in English with a totally international atmosphere (80% foreign students). The MBA full time offers an accelerated, highly demanding learning process that equips participants with the knowledge and skills required for top management positions, ensuring they are fully prepared for successful professional life.

Website: Universitat Pompeu Fabra MBA Program

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