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Public transport in Spain is generally good. Most of Spanish cities have efficient rail services and urban bus, some supplemented by underground railways and trams. Young people of less than 21 and pensioners aged 65 or over receive discounts on most forms of public transport.
Urban transport in most important Spain cities, such as Madrid, is inexpensive and efficient. The services include bus routes, metros and wide rail networks. The tickets can be used for 5 or 10 trips, and the same ticket works for all services. A range of commuter and visitor tickets are also available.

Public Transport
Metro lines offer the fastest way to get around and are naturally crowded during rush hours. In Spain, railways provide an efficient rail service, mostly between cities served by AVE high-speed trains....

Relocation to Spain can be complicated and expensive, requiring detailed knowledge of Spanish law, financial arrangements and transportation. You also need to find a comfortable place where to live...

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