MBA in Technology Management

It is an important tool that allows different types of organizations adapt in a constant-changing business environment. It does not only give students a wide variety of skills and knowledge but also increases their chances of promotion, salary raises, etc.

Some of the courses included are:

  • Financial Engineering.
  • Systems Engineering.
  • Engineering Management.
  • Information Systems.
  • Technology Management.
A Technological Management MBA indicates that a professional has a vast knowledge of management and business and he/she is ready to apply it. It is directed to scientists, engineers and professional of different technological areas.

Most of the time, as an applicant to this Master, you need at least 3 years of professional or technical supervising experience.

Some of the jobs you can apply for with this Degree are:

  • Information Technology Management Consultant
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Management Information Systems Director
The different program options when it comes to an MBA Degree are:

  • Two-year (Full Time) MBA
  • Accelerated MBA
  • Part-time MBA
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)
  • Distance Learning MBA
Some magazine research (Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, etc.) or online research is really helpful in order to know what the MBA Rankings are.

Remember it is important to know how to critically check MBA Rankings.

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