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The accommodation offered by the institution might be the most suitable way of get an apartment if you are coming to the UK for the first time. It will provide you with chances to get to know other students and participate in the social life of the institution. There are two main types of accommodation provided by institutions:

  • Halls of residence: These are specially large buildings inhabited by many students. Students reside in study bedrooms, either alone or sharing with another student. Other facilities and specially the bathrooms are generally shared, but en-suite rooms are becoming more common. Telephones are installed on each floor, but some institutions may provide one in each room. The institution generally provides breakfast and an evening meal, but the menu may be basic and not familiar to you.

  • Self-catering halls: This accommodation is related to halls of residence, but you can buy and make your own food. Many international students choose this kind of accommodation because you can select what to eat and how the food is prepared. Some institutions have a small number of self-catering apartments for students with families.

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