Renting in UK


You should study the options before you take a decision. If you want to be with your family, it may be more convenient for them to arrive after you have found satisfactory accommodation. If you are alone, the best option may be to firstly stay in a hotel, guest-house or with friends or acquaintances.

Depending on where you are searching, good quality and larger rental properties can often be hard to find and often be expensive. Furnished or partly-furnished apartments rented for short periods can be generally costly. Rental rates in distinct regions of the United Kingdom change widely. The properties in London and the South-East England offer the highest rents. Usually rents are lower in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England, but with exceptions in larger cities. As the tariff of rent tends to decrease comparatively from the city centre, it is good to to decide to what extent you are ready to commute to work. Many people who work in the centre of London consume over an hour travelling to and from work.

To find a good flat at the right price before you arrive in the UK is hard. The owner opts to meet tenants before signing a contract and the wide range in quality means it is not advisable to commit to rent an apartment “unseen”. Supply and demand can change consequentially in the course of the year, with the end of the summer being more complicated in some areas, when the students start a new year, the UK students tend to go to university away from home and they search for a flat too.

The best is that you dress well and be prepared for any question the landlord may ask. If you do not understand very well the English language, try to bring along someone who might help out. As a foreigner, you need to be extra convincing sometimes.

If it took you a day to decide, you might find your dream apartment already taken by someone else. You shouldn't let the competition alarm you into signing a contract unless you are convinced, but when a good apartment comes up, catch it!

If it's possible, view the area around the apartment during the day and the night, or ask around to see the situation of that place. Maybe peaceful areas during the day can transform into unbearable residential areas at night if there are bars nearby. Likewise, a quiet neighbourhood in the evening may be a nightmare during the day due to traffic or construction works.

Usually apartments for rent are lower in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England