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If you are in a budget, shared apartments can be a cheap option of renting a full apartment. If you are arriving to Britain alone, flat sharing is often a good alternative as you can live up on a low budget and meet new people. Flat-sharing is very common between students and young professionals, usually in big cities (in London, rates are so high that it is a necessity for the majority of young single people). You will share the rent, heating and lighting bills, the cleaning and maybe the food bills. This kind of accommodation can be cheaper than other types but large houses can be difficult to acquire. Again, you will have to get your own bed-linen and towels and do your own cleaning.


This is the best option if you can't get a place in a hall of residence or you are coming to Britain for the first time. Some hostels offer rooms for both single and married students. These generally give some meals or have cooking facilities and permit students to prepare their own food. The personnel and other students will offer good company and stop you from feeling lonely. To stay in a hostel can provide you the chance to become familiar with the area where you are studying and this is an advantage if you want to obtain private accommodation later.

If you want to request a place in a student hostel, you should do this in advance because many hostels have long waiting lists. Your booking will only be secure after you have paid a deposit. In some places in Britain it is complicated to find hostel accommodation, although hostels are more common in London.


This is a rented room in a private house. The owner will also reside in the house, perhaps with their family. You should respect the customs of the household and adapt your lifestyle to that of the new family. Meals may be served or you can use the kitchen to cook your own food. Lodgings can offer friendship and support but you will not be completely independent.


It consists in a single room, in which you will have to live and sleep. The house is divided into some bedsits which are rented by other people who may not be students. Each bedsit will have cooking facilities, or it may be in the building, in this case, you will have to share them. The bathroom will also be shared with other people living in the house/block. You will have to clean your own room, wash your own laundry and provide your own bed-linen and towels. In a bedsit you will have freedom, but it may be lonely. Bedsits change in size and quality so you should never take a room without seeing it first.

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