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Keltic Keltic is the one-stop-shop for all your corporate clothing, workwear and staff clothing requirements. The company has six specialist departments, each run by dedicated staff with years of experience in their field. Please click on one of the above to learn more about your chosen department.

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AeroLeatherClothing Aero Leather Clothing manufacture front quarter horsehide jackets, flight jackets, USAAF Type A-2 Jackets, Bike Jackets, Steerhide Jeans. We also manufacture RAF Sheepskin Flying Jackets, Shearling Jackets Type B-3. We also stock a large original rare vintage clothing, Hawaiian shirts, sweatshirts. 1930's 1940's and 1950's retro.

Website: AeroLeatherClothing

Careerwear Ltd.

Careerwear Ltd. Careerwear Ltd is an established corporate wear company managed and staffed by dedicated professionals. We offer all our customers a personal service including advice on styles, fabrics and practicality. Studies show that lasting impressions are formed in the first few seconds of a meeting - and 70% of this impression is based on a visual appearance.

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Albert & Son Ltd

Albert & Son Ltd Our Company Albert & Son Ltd, has been established as a ladies fashion house since 1982. We have consistently provided a service of excellence to discriminating ladies fashion buyers and have taken pride in offering a "Touch of Class" to the changing face of fashion at sensible prices.

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AlbertThurston Albert Thurston had become a by-word for quality in gentlemens' accessories, and their braces and suspenders were destined to be sported by kings, princes, presidents and successful businessmen across the world.

Website: AlbertThurston

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