Learning English in UK


Congratulations for choosing English as your language of interest. Learning a foreign language is a challenge for everyone. However, being able to communicate in English will help you get the most out of living in the UK.

The importance of English Language

  • World
    English is both, the most widespread language in the world and the most widely spoken and written language. Modern English is sometimes described as the world's lingua franca. English is the predominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, diplomacy and the Internet. The influence of the British Empire is the primary reason for the initial spread of the language far beyond the British Isles.

  • Business
    English is a major language for professions and international business. It is the language that a Japanese businessman and a British businessman are likely to use to communicate. Important products such as silver, tin and hard currency are commercialized in English. English is also an official language, or the official language, of many international organizations, including the United Nations and many professional organizations.

  • Science
    English is important in sciences; most of theories are written and spoken in English, even more when the globalization phenomenon has arrived and shorter distances require everybody speaks the same language to allow communication and the elaboration of new perspectives and ideas full of diversity of thought and multiple intelligence. English will be there.

  • Academic research
    English is the first most commonly used language in which to write a work of scientific research - especially engineering, chemistry and physics. Books in English are available even in countries where few people actually use English.

  • Culture
    Popular culture obtained also an important part in spreading English. American and British popular music are heard all over the world. American movies are seen in almost every country. One reason that students give to learn English is to understand these songs, movies and books.

  • Tourism
    English is also very essential for international travelling. Much of the information countries publicize about themselves outside their borders is in English. English is spoken in large hotels and tourist attractions, at airports, and in shops that tourists frequent. Tours are usually available in English. Even in countries where few people speak English in the street, people who work with tourists generally speak English. In some countries even drivers of buses or streetcars and sellers at newsstands speak English well.

  • Other Uses of English
    In many old British colonies, English is still used in government and as a medium of communication among people who do not have another language in common. English is often used in India, because it is neutral. It is the language of government. People who speak English have a certain status in society. It is used for books, music and dance. In Singapore, English is a second language, but it is necessary for daily life. Many companies there use English. In addition, sixteen countries in Africa have retained English as the language of government. Now Standard English is taught in schools in those countries, because it is necessary in most careers.

Why learn English in the UK

If you're learning English why not to study a language course in the UK?. The UK is a world leader in English language teaching. Over 600,000 learners a year come to the UK to help themselves achieve their aspirations, to experience modern UK life and to use the language in their hometowns.

Some reasons to learn English in the United Kingdom are:

  • There is an ample range of courses at all levels from beginners to advance in the UK.
  • All parts of the UK are English speaking. There are diverse regional accents throughout the UK and you will soon adjust to those.
  • You will be able to apply your English in everyday life, through film and television, newspapers and books, shopping and entertainment.
  • The British Council and English UK manage the Accreditation UK scheme that guarantees the quality of English courses at 397 private language schools, state colleges and universities.
  • The UK has a long tradition of excellence in teaching English as a foreign language.
  • UK qualifications in English language are internationally respected.
  • You can choose where, when and how you study.

English Courses

In order to get started, many people choose to enroll in an English language course. Between local universities offering language programs and specific language schools, there are many different options on offer.
Courses are conducted almost exclusively in English, even for beginners, which should help you become accustomed to English UK sounds and pronunciation.

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