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To get medicines and free advice for any minor sickness in Britain, you should go to a pharmacy (or chemist).

In the UK we can find three categories of medicines:

  • The medicines that are prescribed by a doctor,
  • The medicines that are sold under the supervision of a pharmacist,
  • And the medicines that are freely available (and these can be bought in supermarkets, newsagents, etc.).
The prescriptions offered by the NHS for medicines are charged at a fixed rate (6.30 at time of writing). However, if you are under 16 years-old or if you are a pensioner (men over 65, women over 60), or a student under 19 then you can obtain a free prescriptions. You can also acquire free prescriptions if you are pregnant (or have had a baby in the past year), have certain medical conditions (such as diabetes) or have a permanent disability, or if you are on a low income receiving state benefits.

In case of emergency, if you require any medicine when all pharmacies are shut, then you can communicate with your GP or with the local police station. The timetables of chemists are showed on their doors and in local newspapers.

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