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The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph is a British broadsheet newspaper, founded in 1855. It is one of the few remaining daily newspapers printed in the Broadsheet format in the United Kingdom, as most other broadsheet publications have converted to the smaller tabloid/compact or Berliner formats. Its sister paper, The Sunday Telegraph, was founded in 1961.

Website: The Daily Telegraph

Financial Times

Financial Times The Financial Times (FT) is an international business newspaper printed on distinctive salmon pink broadsheet paper. The periodical is printed in 23 cities: London, Leeds, Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Milan, Madrid, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Dubai, Johannesburg and Istanbul.

Website: Financial Times


Guardian The Guardian is a British newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group. It is published Monday to Saturday in the Berliner format. Until 1959 it was called The Manchester Guardian, reflecting its provincial origins; the paper is still occasionally referred to by this name, especially in North America (to distinguish it from other newspapers with similar names). The newspaper is printed in both Manchester and London.

Website: Guardian

The Independent

The Independent The Independent is a British compact newspaper published by Tony O'Reilly's Independent News & Media. It is nicknamed the Indie, with the Sunday edition, The Independent on Sunday, being the Sindie. Launched in 1986, it is one of the youngest UK national daily newspapers, with a circulation of 253,737 in November 2006 according to the UK Audit Bureau of Circulations; a -3.69% change from the corresponding month of the previous year.

Website: The Independent

Times Online

Times Online The Times is a national newspaper published daily in the United Kingdom since 1788. For much of its history it has been regarded as Britain's newspaper of record. It has played an influential role in politics and shaping public opinion about foreign events. The Times is the original "Times" newspaper.

Website: Times Online

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