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The British currency is the pound sterling. The sign for the pound is , Its ISO code is (GBP) that means Great British Pound, divided into 100 pennies. The UK doesn't use the Euro. Although a few of the big shops will admit Euro, it is rarely utilized across Britain. The slang term "quid" is commonly used in place of "pound(s)".

The official expression pound sterling is used especially in formal contexts and also when it is imperative to identify the currency used within the United Kingdom with others that have the similar name. The abbreviations "ster." or "stg." are sometimes used. The term British pound is commonly utilized in less formal contexts, although it is not an official name of the currency.

The pound obtained its name because it was the value of one pound (weight) of "sterling silver". For this reason it is called "pound sterling". "Sterling silver" means mixed metal that contains 92.5% or more real silver. The sign or symbol for the pound is which is comparable to a capital L because libra is the Latin for pound. The sign for pennies is "p" (pronounced "pee" like the letter). We write 70p or 0.70 and call it: "seventy pee".

British banking
The UK's bank activity has had considerable changes during the last decade both in the service delivery and product range. Initially many UK banks were based on the high street where the customers...

Transferring money
The ways to make a money transfer from abroad to a UK account are electronic transfers, a banker's draft and travellers' cheques. You may exchange foreign currency into UK currency going to a bureau de change.

Taxes in the UK
Taxation in the United Kingdom may comprehend taxes to at least two distinct levels of government the local government and central government (HM Revenue & Customs).

Mortgages in the UK
A mortgage is a loan you obtain to buy a property. The mortgage banks finance loans by issuing the mortgage bonds. The Government regulates the mortgage banks and the mortgage bond markets.

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