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Direct Dial services provide a practical low-cost means of making calls to other countries. You should dial a direct dial access number before you dial your international number, after that you will pay an amount that covers the whole cost of the international call. These services are generally very good value for money.

Some options for the direct dial service:

Free international calls from Mobile Dial Through 07744 5888 44

This is a new option of 07744 5888 44 free calls service that permits you to make free international calls by dialing 07744 5888 44 followed by the international number you are calling. Mobile Dial Through free international calls service works to more than 340 international destinations.

Steps to make free international calls.

It is simple to make a free international call using Mobile Dial Through. Just make a phone call to 07744 5888 44, then that wait for the voice prompt, then dial the number you are calling and then press the # key. You can phone your number during the voice prompt if you prefer.

How can I check whether I can use 07744 5888 44?

Just call your service supplier and ask whether 07744 5888 44 is free calls is allowed within your free minutes. Service supplier support numbers are:

  • O2: 0870 241 02 02
  • Virgin Mobile: 789 from your mobile or 0845 6000 789 from a land-line
  • Vodafone: 191 from your mobile or 08700 700 191 from a land-line
  • Orange: 150 from your mobile phone or 07973 100 150 from any other phone
  • T-Mobile: 150 from your mobile phone or 0845 412 5000 from a land-line


UK national calls 3p (plus vat) (per minute / per second billing, minimum charge: 2p)

EuroComm offer four different direct dial services:

  1. Straight through 'no prefix' or extra digits.

  2. Quickdial - dial a 5 digit access number plus your destination number (this can only be utilized from a phone number registered with us)

  3. 0800 dial - dial our 0800 number plus your destination number (this can only be utilized from a phone number registered with us)

  4. Travelling 0800 - dial 0800 number followed by your account and PIN number, finishing with your destination number. This can be utilized from any UK and Channel Islands number and phone boxes (phone boxes have a 10p connection surcharge).

Militel UK 1664

The Militel UK 1664 Direct service is a good service, the direct dial international and national calling service are particularly designed for fixed line telephones located anywhere within UK. When you use your Militel UK 1664 Direct service, calls from your registered residence or office phone are routed through one of the most advanced phone networks in Europe to offer you fast connections and clearer voice quality. For those who want to make calls from their cellphone or phone is the service is provided by their local cable company, please use our Militel Callback Service.
To use Militel UK 1664 Direct you first must sign up.

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