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Getting around the UK might be a fun experience and definitely something that is highly recommended, the UK offers many things to enjoy and it also has a very large network of buses, planes and trains which now make things really rapid and easy; besides you can also rent cars pretty cheaply as another option.


With the great progress in low cost airlines over the last 5 years, it is now very simple to travel the UK and throughout most of Europe. The UK is very well served with domestic flights. If you are always travelling and use the domestic flights into your itinerary, some research about prices and services is advisable.

The largest company is British Airways (BA), it schedule flights within all the main city and town airports incorporating many Scottish islands and the Channel Islands. Investigate about the BA's UK Air pass for travel on BA direct flights within the UK and the Channel Islands. British Midland is another important national airline which provides its own pre-bought air pass for overseas visitors. Verify that you can obtain these passes in your country before you arrive. They are not obtainable in most of Europe and several other countries.

Ryanair and easyJet are two of the largest cheap airlines in the UK providing internal services; and ScotAirways links Scottish cities such as Dundee and Aberdeen with Glasgow and Edinburgh and offers services to London. If you want to have more information about upgraded facilities for flights, check with the BAA's AirportsPlus service.


Before you travel by train, you should ask which class of ticket will be better for you, you can save much money. There are many factors, it will depend on when you travel. Also you should ask your local tourist office or travel agent about railway ticket discount packages.

The British railway is the most ancient railways system in the world, it has worked since 1825. Now featuring more than 2,400 stations serviced by 15,000 daily departures. The fast inter-city trains possess standard or first class seats; they offer several degrees of luxury and some additional services, depending on the service operator. The seats are particularly comfortable and most trains provide restaurants or buffet cars or mobile refreshments. Also they offer air-conditioned sleeping cars on overnight services from London to Wales, Scotland and the south-west of England.

Coach and Bus

Coach travel is supposedly the cheapest way to travel in the UK, especially among the major towns and cities. National Express, Scottish Citylink and Ulsterbus provide daily services to more than 1,250 destinations in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. National Express provides discount coachcards to students and young people between 16 to 25 years, there is also a Tourist Trail Pass proffering unlimited travel for a fixed period. The Scottish Explorer Pass comprehends coach services to approximately 190 destinations in Scotland. Coaches possess toilet and washroom facilities and long routes generally offer videos and steward services offering snacks.

London Underground (Tube)

The London Underground or the London Subway is recognized as the 'Tube' in London it is the world's oldest underground railway network. The Tube is fast and convenient (when there arenīt particular problems or staff strike) and permits you to travel across the entire length of London without a problem with the traffic or some predicament with the climate. The stations are easy to find, you will search the underground sign and generally you will be able to find the distance between others stations. Most people in London use the Tube and it can be very crowded at peak times (8-9.30am and 5-6.30pm) so don't expect to find a seat or to find a spot to put your coat down when you find it so sultry you need to de-robe!


There are many attractive islands around the UK mainland and most claim a sea voyage by passenger ferry or car. Scotland possesses the most islands, including the Inner and Outer Hebrides, the Orkneys and Shetland Islands. The principal operator is Caledonian MacBrayne, which covers about 30 routes. By contrast, John O' Groats Ferries manages one service to South Ronaldsay.

If you wish your holiday on the water at a slower pace, why not catch a boats out on the thousands of kilometres of inland canals, rivers and lakes in the UK. Ferries provide the most popular, sometimes the only voyages among the mainland and surrounding islands.

UK's main transport authorities:


BAA BAA is a large and complex company and our work touches almost every area of airport life - from day-to-day security and retail, to strategy and investment. There are thousands of people who keep BAA running smoothly at our locations around the world - from our security and information staff to the men and women running our airfields.

Website: BAA

British Airways

British Airways British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to over 550 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports. Whether customers are in the air or on the ground, British Airways takes pride in providing a full service experience. The British Airways group consists of British Airways Plc and a number of subsidiary companies including in particular British Airways Holidays Limited and BA Connect Ltd.

Website: British Airways

National Express

National Express National Express is the largest scheduled coach service provider in Europe. In the UK the distinctive white National Express coaches operate to 1000 destinations and carry over 16 million customers a year. Eurolines coaches additionally operate to over 500 destinations within Europe and Ireland.

Website: National Express

City Link

City Link Scottish Citylink is Scotland’s leading provider of express coach services. Each year over 3 million passengers travel with us to more than 200 destinations on our fleet of blue and yellow coaches. Our aim is to provide you with a quality, reliable and safe service, delivered with courtesy, at value for money prices.

Website: City Link

Transport for London (TUBE)

Transport for London (TUBE) Get all the information you need to make your Tube journey as easy as possible. From Journey Planner to maps showing current disruption and where and when you can take your bicycle.

Website: Transport for London (TUBE)

National Rail

National Rail National Rail Enquiries are the official information service for National Rail. National Rail is the collective name for the train companies who operate Britain's rail service. We provide impartial advice on rail travel, and our performance is strictly regulated by the Department for Transport.

Website: National Rail

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